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Claudette Lyons hypnotherapist, yoga instructor in Sedona AZ

Claudette shares with her Client's caring services. Utilizing Proven techniques tailored for each individual.

She assist her clients with life changing transformation. 



Dr. Claudette Renee Lyons, Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology.

Claudette assists clients with PTSD. She serves the community in education regarding violence & the root effects of trauma. Having worked in emergency medicine for over a decade in a level 2 trauma center Claudette has experienced Death more then the average person.  She considers death in being a perception. Through the doorways of our Mind, We begin to uncover a greater sense of peace, harmony & understanding. 


Claudette offers services to Women & Children from violence & abuse.

She participates in community education & action on topics such self defense & situational awareness. 

Claudette is a student and Manager to Krav-Maga workshops & classes. 


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​"It is my vow to service the rising. Exploring the hidden spaces. Seeing from a rare set of lenses. New degrees of vision, from the shadows to the light" 

Claudette Renee Lyons


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