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Firearms Safety and Firearms Training

Firearms Safety Classes
What if you find a firearm in your school or workplace and you need to unload it and make it safe until help arrives? This 3 hour workshop will give you the training to become safe with any type of small weapons available to civilians. Our instructors are NRA Chief Range Safety certified and AZ DPS Licensed.  

AZ CCW Class
Carry concealed in the State of Arizona and also in over 38 other States while becoming responsible and knowledgeable with State and Federal Laws.
We offer AZ CCW classes to individuals and groups. If you are a gun store, a religious organization, or a self-defense training facility in Arizona, now you can organize the most complete AZ CCW Class in the State... for the best Value!
For more information and complete curriculum go to www.AZCCW.US

Firearms Safety

Dry Practice Firearms Training

Learn the System to Train with your handgun at home without live Ammunition

In handgun training, learning dry practice is one of the secrets that will give you the opportunity to master all the handgun's techniques and improve dramatically saving thousands of dollars in ammunition and being able to train every time you wish from the comfort of your home. No matter the weather, or the cost of ammunition, dry practice is the key and solution.
An interesting story about the proven benefits of dry practice.
During the 1970s, the government of South Africa was under a U.N. arms embargo and it was facing an Ammunition Ban because of their Apartheid policy. So the S.A. Army did an experiment testing one group of new recruits to go through the normal handgun training program, while another group was performing dry practice only.
The “dry practice” group did not fire a single shot until qualification day. To great  surprise, the dry practice group outperformed the group that used standard live fire practice.
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Firearms Training Dry Practice
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