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Claudette Lyons Artistic Journey

Claudette Lyons, Songwriter, Dancer and Singer

Claudette Lyons is a singer, dancer, and entrepreneur who was born in North Carolina, USA. She grew up in Maine as an only child and was home schooled. She developed a passion for gymnastics and dance, especially jazz and hip hop, and started to choreograph and perform her own routines around the Northeast states of the USA.


Claudette moved to Montreal, Canada, where she pursued a career as a singer. She performed with various bands and gained recognition as an indie artist. Her songs reached the number one spot on Reverb Nation for the Northeast region. She also created her own brand of spa products called HEROIC - Habitants Engaging Rescue of Internal Conflict, which aims to empower women who are healing from violence and abusive relationships.


In 2018, Claudette won the crown of Mrs. Ireland in the Ms Diaspora International Beauty Pageant for Intelligent Women.

In January 2023 Claudette began collaborating with Songwriter Music Producer Gianluca Zanna and they have been creating music and videos together while forming the Hypnotic Dance duo “Love In Sedona”.
Besides being songwriters and singers, Claudette and Luca are also professional hypnotherapists and they create unforgettable dance songs with hypnotic language that share positive messages to empower the listener's mind.

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