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Dr. Claudette Renee Lyons is a respected figure in the wellness community of Sedona, Arizona.


She is known for her work as a certified hypnotherapist and guided meditation coach, with a focus on transformative healing practices. Dr. Lyons holds an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology and has a deep commitment to assisting individuals with life-changing transformations.

Her approach is holistic, integrating techniques tailored for each individual to help them uncover a greater sense of peace, harmony, and understanding. Dr. Lyons has a rich background, having served in emergency medicine for over a decade, which has given her a profound insight into the effects of trauma and the importance of mental well-being.


In addition to her hypnotherapy practice, Dr. Lyons is an advocate for woman and children’s safety and serves as an Ambassador for Shared Hope International. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and has been involved in fitness and self-defense, bringing a comprehensive approach to her healing and educational practices. 


Her services are not just limited to individual sessions; she also participates in community education and action on topics such as self-defense and situational awareness. Dr. Lyons manages and instructs at Krav-Maga workshops and classes, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental strength.


Dr. Claudette Renee Lyons embodies the spirit of a powerful healer, utilizing her diverse skills and knowledge to foster healing and empowerment among those she works with in the beautiful and spiritual setting of Sedona, Arizona.

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