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Krav-Maga -Firearms - Safety

Why I Believe in Self-Defense

 Why I am sharing this journey of self defense. 

I have personally found the importance of knowing how to defend myself. My experience of being attacked violently and almost killed brought me to learning self defense. Since the violence took place in my life, I have committed years of self reflection to face the reality of the effects of trauma. I am grateful to have received assistance from mentors and friends to support the emotional states after such a horrible experience. There became  one clear choice for me, to learn how to stand up for myself by learning how to utilize my mind and body to protect myself and others. Today I train daily with Krav Maga Self defense and safety weapons training. these choices of self empowerment offer me inner stability. I now realize how powerful we are. I support and manage the education of the services offered on this page. I have a direct and clear message to others, this message is, That each one of us ourselves are the only one's responsible to rise up in the face of danger knowing how to protect life. Your life is valuable. Tomorrow is never promised, We invite you to stand up.
Claudette Lyons

Claudette Lyons Self Defene Advocate

What we offer:

Krav-Maga Empty Hands

Our Instructors

Krav-Maga Self-Defense Sedona

We offer Israeli Krav-Maga the official Empty Hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces.
We specialize in Women, Seniors and Children Self-Defense.
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Safety and Prevention

We can train you in How to prepare your Place of Worship - Business - School for an active shooter violence scenario Where firearms are not available. We are Active Violence Emergency Response Training and Active Shooter Armed Response Training Certified.
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Firearms Training

Firearms Safety and Firearms Training

From Gun Safety, AZ CCW, to Firearms training for Self-Defense, our instructor is AZ DPS Licensed and NRA Certified.
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