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How I See the World from an expansive Scale of Spectrums

By Claudette Renee Lyons,

I am a diverse human with a passion for philosophy, yoga, astronomy, hypnotherapy, psychology, singing, performing the arts, self defense,

forensics, and metaphysics. I have an honorary doctorate in philosophy, and I am a kundalini yoga teacher, a certified hypnotherapist with specializations in psychology and forensics, and a student of metaphysics and astronomy. I love to explore the different dimensions of reality, and to seek the truth behind the appearances.

One of the ways I do this is by seeing the world from a large scale of spectrums, and by balancing myself by bringing to life the awareness of two sides of each scale in equal proportion without judgment. For example, I co-read two books of opposing sides at the same time to gather valuable insights of diversity. I believe this practice allows me to develop great perspectives in the various realms of existence.

Some of the spectrums that I use to view the world are:

Material and Spiritual

I believe that the material and the spiritual are not separate, but interrelated aspects of reality. The material is the manifestation of the spiritual, and the spiritual is the essence of the material. I use both science and faith to understand and appreciate the wonders of creation, and to connect with the source of all that is.

I balance myself by being grounded in the material world, and by being open to the spiritual world. I take care of my physical needs, and I also nourish my soul. I enjoy the pleasures of the senses, and I also seek the bliss of the spirit. I respect the laws of nature, and I also trust the guidance of the divine.

Rational and Intuitive

I believe that the rational and the intuitive are not contradictory, but complementary ways of knowing and learning. The rational is the logical, analytical, and objective mode of thinking, and the intuitive is the creative, holistic, and subjective mode of feeling. I use both reason and intuition to solve problems, make decisions, and express myself.

I balance myself by being logical and being imaginative. I use my left brain and my right brain. I follow the rules and I break the rules. I think critically and I think outside the box. I listen to my mind and I listen to my heart.

Individual and Collective

I believe that the individual and the collective are not isolated, but interdependent entities. The individual is the unique, autonomous, and self-determined being, and the collective is the shared, cooperative, and interrelated group. I use both individuality and collectivity to define myself, relate to others, and contribute to society.

I balance myself by being independent and being interdependent. I honor my self and I honor others. I assert my rights and I respect my responsibilities. I pursue my goals and I support others’ goals. I celebrate my diversity and I embrace our unity.

It is an honor to share with you. I am Grateful. To share more of the journey together please subscribe to my services at the website link

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