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How Singing and Music Changed My Life

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

My name is Claudette Renee Lyons, and I am a singer and songwriter I have been singing and dancing since I was a little girl, and music has always been my passion. But it was not until I faced some challenges in my life that I realized how much singing and music can heal, inspire, and transform me.

Singing and Music Helped Me Overcome Depression from Grief

When I was in my early 20's both of my parents both died.

In shock to lose them both in such a quick period of time really set my emotions to a fragile state. Honestly after they passed away, I remember feeling like I lost a part of myself. I was devastated that they where gone before I could experience life in some way's with them. I began to have panic attacks. I was at times depressed. I felt isolated not knowing who or how to talk to others about the pain I was feeling. At the worst of times, I felt hopeless for any understanding and alone.

One day, my mother came to visit me in my dream. She saw how miserable I was, She brought me a guitar and a notebook, and she said, “Claudette, I know you are hurting, but you can’t give up on your gift and on creating in this life. Your father and I want you to keep singing and making music. We want you to be happy. So I’m giving you these tools to help you express yourself. Write down your feelings, write down your songs, and play them on this guitar. Sing your heart out, and let the music heal you.”

At first, when I woke up I knew I had to listen to this message. I was a little reluctant to do it. I felt like I had nothing to say, nothing to sing. But my mothers voice kept ringing in my mind and heart as she insisted. So I decided to give it a try. I stopped at a store and bought an acoustic guitar. I started writing down my thoughts and my emotions, and I started playing some chords on the guitar. Slowly, I began to feel something. I felt a spark of creativity, a spark of joy. I felt like I was reconnecting with myself, with my father, my mother and with my music.

I started writing songs about my grief, my pain, and my hope. I started singing them everywhere. I started getting positive feedback after recording the songs professionally. I added my music to a few platforms and they had a great response. I started feeling more confident. I started to smile stand tall and thrive in the creative space.

Singing and Music Helped Me Find My Purpose

As I continued to sing and write songs, I realized that music was not only a way to cope with my loss, but also a way to share my message with the world. I realized that music was my purpose, my calling, and my gift. I realized that I had something to offer, something to inspire, and something to change.

I decided to pursue a project co writing music and lyrics with hypnotic language, I am a CHT and I see the influence that music has I decided to join a band called Love In Sedona with Gianluca Zanna. We started recording and releasing our music all across the globe!. I started getting more fans, more gigs, and more opportunities, I have started learning from the talented musicians around me. I started growing as a musician, and I started reaching more people to share my messages of courage and power.

One of the most rewarding experiences I have had was when I performed at a charity event for families of loved ones taken from suicide at an Emergency Medicine Gala. I sang some of my songs, and I shared my story of losing my mother and father and finding my voice. I saw tears, smiles, and nods in the audience. I saw people who related to me, who understood me, and who appreciated me. I saw people who were touched by my music, who were moved by my words, and who were inspired by my journey. I saw people who thanked me, who hugged me, and who told me how much I helped them. I saw people who changed my life, as much as I changed theirs.

Singing and Music Helped Me Become Who I Am

Today, I am a happy, successful, and fulfilled singer, songwriter, yoga instructor, CHT and self defense instructor. I have released several HIT singles this year with my new band Love In Sedona. I have a growing loyal fan base, a supportive team, and a loving family. I have a beautiful home a loving husband and a furry cat.

I have a passion, a mission, and a vision. I have a passion for singing and music, a mission to heal and inspire others, and a vision to make a positive impact in the world. I have a voice, a message, and a gift. I have a voice that expresses my emotions, a message that resonates with others, and a gift that I share with the world.

Singing and music changed my life, and I hope they can change yours too. Whether you are a singer, a musician, or a listener, I encourage you to embrace the power of music. Music can help you overcome your challenges, find your purpose, and become who you are. Music can heal you, inspire you, and transform you.

So sing your heart out, play your instrument, and listen to your favorite songs. Sing and make music, and let the music make you.

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